Loyalty Program

We would like to REWARD you for being LOYAL customer to us.

How to earn Loyalty Points?

* Sign up at Vagaro Online Booking if you have not yet and book your appointments from there.

* You will receive 1 Loyalty Point per $ value of the service. (For example – Threading Service worth $10, you will get 10 points.)

* Your Loyalty Points will be collected into your Vagaro Account. You can check by your own via login to Vagaro account or ask receptionist while your visit at Spa.

How to use/redeem Loyalty Points?

* You can redeem your Loyalty Points against any future service. Make sure you have enough Loyalty Points to use against specific service.

* Our online appointment booking system shows info on how much Loyalty Points you can earn and how much Loyalty Points needed to redeem against the specific service.

How to earn MORE Loyalty Points?

* Like us on Facebook and you will keep receiving our promotional offer to earn MORE Loyalty Points on specific services.